Connecticut Professional Genealogists Council, Inc.

Government Relations

CPGC’s Government Relations Work


Mission and Goals:

q  Work with the Connecticut Town Clerks Association, Inc., the Connecticut Public Records Administrator and the State Registrar of Vital Records to improve communication and standardize access procedures


q  Work closely with officials to maintain access and optimal conditions in research facilities


q  Provide voluntary services on projects in indexing and manuscript processing




  • In 2004 CPGC successfully fought back proposed legislation that would have closed genealogist’s access to Birth Records less than 100 years old.
  • In 2001 CPGC initiated the Town Clerks and Genealogists Action Group, a unique group that has produced some important positive results for Town Clerks, Registrars of Vital Records, and genealogists.
  • In 2000, the Connecticut State Legislature passed Public Act No. 00-146, An Act Concerning Real Estate Filings and The Preservation of Historic Documents.  CPGC was involved in initiating this legislation and our late member, Warren D. Buchanan, personally provided an ongoing impetus for this bill and pressed its case for years until it came to fruition. Click here to see the story of this amazing feat. 
    The latest figures from June 2007 show that this act has provided over         


    for the preservation of our land and vital records and other historic documents in Connecticut.


  • In 1996, CPGC cooperated with other Connecticut organizations and initiated legislation and worked Senator Tim Upson and other officials to develop Public Act 96-258, An Act Concerning Access to Genealogical Records and the Validation of Certain Marriages, which became effective October 1, 1996. This law simplified existing legislation and made genealogical access better for everyone.



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